Magnetic Therapy helps Walta recover from knee injury

Meet Walta, our featured horse this week

Walta posing in front of the camera

Walta’s future was uncertain and even a month after his knee injury there was still significant swelling.

After spending two weeks wearing his magnetic ankle boots his carer noticed the swelling started to go down.

A month later we received the following feedback from his carer…

‘We have seen a huge improvement, almost all the swelling/fluid has gone and he is totally sound! I can’t thank you enough as it’s made such a difference!

Walta wearing his magnetic ankle boots

He wears the ankle boots all day and the magnetic wraps held on with bandages at night.’

Sam from Equine Magnetix commented ‘We’re really pleased to hear Walta is doing so well.

Magnetic Therapy can make such a difference not just for injuries and conditions but also as part of your horse’s daily maintenance programme.

We wish Walta all the best for the future!’

One thought on “Magnetic Therapy helps Walta recover from knee injury

  1. Joanne Dean says:

    I absolutely love this magnetic range of products.
    As i travel my pony all over the country, the rug & boots are fabulous.
    The boots have previously helped with splints and I swear by them for long journeys and stabling away overnight.
    The rug keeps my mare sweet & relaxed.
    Highly recommended as they do make a difference.

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